ISEKY Goddess Invitation NFT to be Listed on Xterio Platform, Offering Numerous Benefits


As early as January 8th, ISEKY officially announced its entry into the Xterio platform and released a teaser video for its flagship product, ISEKY: Soul GPS. The video immediately captured the hearts of Web3 users. Within just one hour, a large number of participants flooded into ISEKY's Discord channel, and their enthusiasm even triggered Discord's protective measures, prompting ISEKY to temporarily halt new user registrations. Recently, ISEKY announced that the Goddess Invitation NFT will be listed on the Xterio platform on March 21st, once again attracting the attention of WEB3 users. According to data from the Xterio website, as of the time of publication, over 1600 whitelist applications have been received, exceeding the first phase quota of 200 by 8 times.

It is worth noting that the Goddess Invitation NFT released by ISEKY this time is the parent-level NFT of the ISEKY series projects, which will cover the access permissions for all subsequent products of ISEKY, such as ISEKY: SOUL MATE, ISEKY: SOUL GPS, and more. In addition, the Goddess Invitation can randomly obtain DRT (Digital Rights Token) characters through card drawing on the ISEKY official website. In addition to access permissions, DRT also includes ISEKY shares in the form of TOKENs, as well as many other benefits such as free MINTing of corresponding Q version PFP characters. The ISEKY team has promised that after the official opening of the card drawing function, the Goddess Invitation will be repurchased indefinitely at a price of 0.1 ETH per unit, ensuring that the Goddess Invitation NFT never breaks its original price.

It is reported that ISEKY is a decentralized ACGN co-creation platform based on Web3.0 and AIGC technology. The platform, with decentralized ACGN co-creation as its core and digital copyright tokens (DRT) as its foundation, is committed to building a truly IP co-creation community, connecting copyright investors, content creators, and consumers, and crowdfunding a metaverse exclusively for anime and manga enthusiasts. The Xterio platform, with which the collaboration is announced, is also a well-known Web3 game platform and publisher founded by veterans of the gaming industry. Users interested in WEB3 and WEB3 games are encouraged to stay tuned for the development of this project.

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